project brief

Flight layover is a major pain point when traveling by plane. Travelers are forced to endure several hours of dead time in the airport. Create an airline app that enhances the layover experience.


Creative Direction
Boontara Santipong, Sam Anvari

the problem

Dead time in an airport

Some travelers have to spend several hours inside the airport during a layover.

Market research

What are travelers thinking?

We brainstormed what goes through traveler's minds when they are at the airport. This helps to understand their thought process and to generate survey questions.

Before departure
Arrive at the airport

Users study

Talking to them

I conducted quantitative research via Google Forms. There are 32 participants. The questions aim to gain insight into the needs and find commonalities among users.  

Survey Questions

Users study

The survey results


So what does the survey tell us?

Food Delivery
Eating/drinking is a popular activity during a layover but over half of the participants dislike carrying stuff around the airport with them. Moreover, they aren’t interested in using luggage storage at an airport either. Robotic food delivery can be a solution to this.  
Flight Information
The majority of participants want to be informed about their most recent flight status, preferably via their phone. To keep travelers in the loop, the flight status should be the first thing they see in the app.
Airport Navigation
Time management during a layover is crucial but can be frustrating. Including an interactive map not only to help travelers navigate through the airport but also to help them plan their time.