Create coffee packaging for an existing cafe to improve brand awareness.

Product packaging

Creative Direction
Boontara Santipong, Devin Dailey


Reptilia Cafe

This cafe is located in Subang Java, Malaysia. It allows customers to enjoy coffee while interact with a number of different species of reptile such as chameleons, lizards, snakes etc.Β 

It is a unique cafe unlike other animal cafe that feature endearing animals.Β It attracts a lot of people especially, young people or tourists who who are seeking a one-of-a-kind experience.


Brainstorming ideas

The design concepts that I am looking for revolve around these ideas:
- Incorporate reptiles in the cafe into the packaging.
- Use a playful and colorful design that appeals to a younger demographic.
- Use hand drawn elements to create natural and organic feel.

Final Packaging

Bright colors, bold typography, and whimsical illustrations creates a fun and energetic look. Each roast features different reptile that is local to the coffee's region.