What will the UX/UI of the car interface be like if we don't have to drive anymore? Design a self-driving car's interface and imagine what the future holds.


Creative Direction
Boontara Santipong, Sam Anvari

the problem

As cars evolve, so do user needs regarding the driving experience.

Drivers no longer want to get from A to B; they want features that enhance the journey to make it more enjoyable–especially in cities where people spend hours commuting morning and evening.


Car interface analysis

I analyzed and created the flowchart for selected car interfaces to have a better understanding of their overall structure and some pros and cons.

BMW i3 2017
An efficient urban vehicle is a luxury electric car with a futuristic design inside and out. It offers high battery capacity and energy which is the best fit for daily commutes

Audi E-Tron 2020
An electric SUV that offers high-tech features. All three displays are digital. Its dashboard is equipped with a virtual cockpit.

USer survey

Talking to them

I conducted quantitative research via Google Form. There are 25 participants. The questions aim to gain insight into the needs and find commonalities among users.  

What concerns do you have about self-driving cars?

While they are excited about
self-driving cars,
are concerned about the safety
What do you enjoy the most about driving?
Enjoy being able to explore
new places when driving



Would you rather use your car’s built-in navigation or
a navigation app from your phone?
Prefer to use their phone navigation
over built-in navigation



Would like to relax as a passenger


So what does the survey tell us?

Safety Concern
Part of the concern can be from the unpredictable aspect of driving. To reduce concern about safety, the status of the car is shown on the home screen next to the navigation.
Most passengers use entertainment as a way to relax. The entertainment offers personalized entertainment that fits with the current travel time.
The navigation should be the first thing that shows up on the screen for easy access. While the navigation offers various features like real-time traffic, points of interest, or voice commands, the interface should be simple, and intuitive.


Brainstorming ideas

I started out by brainstorming some unique features an autonomous car can offer. Then, I selected two features that can enhance the experience of a self-driving car for our target audiences.

UI sketches of the homepage
UI sketches of the homepage
List of car features arranged in order of its relative importance

Once I had a basic layout of the main pages, then I created wireframes that allow me to map out the functionality of the interface and revise it easily.

Navigation that allows you to explore other points of interest while traveling.

Manage all screens
from one location

Screen control such as displaying videos on other screens allows parents to have control over their children's device usage.

Think beyond present

I took on a challenge beyond today's possibility. What if a car can clean itself? what steps do users have to go through? and what would the interface look like?

Before the cleaning starts, the car can evaluate how dirty the car is, what are allergens in the car and how long the cleaning process will take.

During the cleaning, the time will be counted down as well as telling users which area is currently being cleaned.

After the cleaning is done, the system will evaluate the result.