Rebrand alcohol packaging in a way that captures the essence of the brand. Create mid-tier and high-tier packaging that reflects the quality and luxury of selected alcohol.

Product packaging

Creative Direction
Boontara Santipong, Tor Hovid


Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin

The gin is a triple-distilled neutral grain spirit, re-distilled in a traditional copper pot still; the recipe is handcrafted in a time-honored way. The gin is named after the city of Jaisalmer in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The architecture of Jaisalmer is an important part of the city's cultural heritage and is a major tourist attraction.

‍the problem❓

The design does not effectively reflects brand's identity

Jaisalmer Gin has a unique story to tell. However, the packaging doesn’t reflect the brand’s story and identity enough to make the product stands out.


Brainstorming ideas

After I did research about Jaisalmer. There are many architectural, cultural and historical elements that can be a good concept in order to bring the full potential of the brand.

The design concepts that I am looking for revolve around these ideas:
- Reflects the culture or the history of Jaisalmer
- Be able to tell a unique story that emphasizes the quality of the gin (ingredients, triple-distilled, handcrafted gin, etc.)
- Tactile elements that allow customers to be able to feel and touch.


Jaisalmer is located near the Thar Desert, and it was once an important stop along the Silk Route, a network of trade routes that connected the East and West. Jaisalmer was a major center for the trade of silk, spices, and other goods, and it played a key role in the cultural and economic exchange between India and the rest of the world. Therefore, the concept for the mid-tier is called ‍the Silk Route.

It tells the story of premium botanicals that were brought via the Silk Route from the west. The combination of both native and imported botanicals used in the distillation creates a unique flavor profile.

The concept of the high tier, the Haveli, harks back to the peak of the trading period when wealthy merchants enjoy their leisure time in their Havelis, traditional mansions.


I dived deeper into the concept and explore different designs.

Final Packaging

The mid-tier packaging is all about the history and origin of Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin. The touch of bronze mimics the moment when the sun shines on the sandstone architecture in Jaisalmer.

The high-tier bottle is embossed with patterns used in Mughal-style architecture. It tells a story of when wealthy merchants enjoy their leisure time drinking and looking out of the window through Mashrabiya from their Havelis.