Redesign an existing beverage packaging to differentiate from competitors and make it stand out from the shelves.

Product packaging

Creative Direction
Boontara Santipong, Devin Dailey


IKEZO - Sake Jelly Shot

IKEZO is the only sake-based sparkling jelly drink in the market. Each flavor has its own unique deliciousness. The company had a long history in sponsoring the Ozeki Cup for Sumo Tournament.The company's value is to contribute to people's enjoyment of life for in harmony and richness.


Brainstorming ideas

The design concepts that I am looking for revolve around these ideas:

- Aligns with the brand's values or message
- Use a playful and colorful design that appeals to a younger demographic.
- Unique representation of each flavor (e.g. not using peach as a representation of the peach flavor)

Final Packaging

A sumo wrestler is what I used as a main focus in this product line because the name of the company, Ozeki means a sumo wrestler. The company associated with sumo tournament in the past.

Each flavor gives consumers different fun experiences.

Peach has a mellow, sweet flavor but contrasting with acidity. Therefore, a mythic creature like a unicorn implies innocence and gentle but fierce and powerful.

Yuzu has a strong,rich and sour flavor. Chaotic and psychedelic